czwartek, 26 marca 2009

Enter Your Future

I don’t know if you have the same, but when I look at Enter Your Future abbreviation, F turns into E and all I see is not EYF, but EYE. It might be a trick of a sight sense, but come on! Isn’t it true? Indeed- EYF is the EYE wide open to the global adventure, international relationships and friendship! High school students have a great opportunity to get to know foreign cultures, new ideas and points of view. It’s a good lesson of tolerance and cultural understanding, and all because of these amazing people!!! Ladies and Gentlemen- all eyes on them! These are our heroes.

Amy (left) and Betty from China- very friendly and well-organized girls, who fell in love with Wrocław immediately. This traineeship is their first journey to Europe.

Alfonso from Peru- guy who have friends from all around the Europe, decided to come here and share his optimism and passion with us.

Shushan from Armenia- charming girl with lots of fresh ideas. She speaks Russian well, so some Polish is quite understandable for her too.

Varun from India- he is arriving here on Saturday. We can’t wait to meet him!

Our trainees have visited already schools in Lubin, Lubań Śląski and Opole.

Here are some photos from their first meetings with students.

And we, as a Polish part of our team, will do everything for our trainees to make them feel comfortable here, because they are the apples of our eyes. We are not heading for future, we are Entering the Future right nowJ

You will see the next note from us soon. (and some new pictures too)

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