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LCC Kowary 2009 (Spring) - relive it once again! :)

Hello Everyone! :)

Some people in our LC would like to kill me right now for posting this so late, but... "better later than never" ;)

Do you still remember our LCC that took place 3 weeks ago? Well, I still do, because it was again, one of the best conferences ever... I had an opportunity to attend many national and even international conferences, but I always say that LCC is the most special of all of them... so here we go with "LCC Kowary 2009 (Spring) - relive it once again!"

Everything started on 6th of March 2009 in Kowary, AIESEC members from Local Committee Wrocław UE travelled there to gain new experience, integrate and grab some motivation for next half-a-year of work. On the first day of the conference we concentrated on "Getting to know each other" - this spring, we recruited 15 Newbies and hopefully with all Local Committee we did all our best to know them better, as well as to help them in their first days of their AIESEC eXPerience. After first day we had a theme party called "kicz party" from which photos you can see on our Picasa (links below). It was a very funny and relaxing day, slight different from the next one - especially for the 8 Executive Board candidates...

On Saturday we attended more "content" sessions, connected with our LC structure, with project that we manage and whole eXchange that is the core of our work. The motive of whole LCC was "eXchange IT"!

The second day was very important for Newbies of our organization as well as for few Olders - the EB Candidates. 15 of our Newbies had to choose their first projects, in which they'll start their AIESEC journey, 8 of our Olders were preparing for evening's General Assembly - where beside voting Magdalen for formal member and Ryba & Skała (with best regards :P) for Alumnis, we were voting and debating future leaders of our LC - candidates for Executive Board 2009/2010 led by LCPe: Łukasz Stachowiak.

After long General Assembly, about 0:30 in the night, we started voting... whole 8 of candidates got the Vote of Trust and now they are waiting for Łukasz's decision going through selection process (AC, RB and so on...).

Straight after GA we started our ACAW which was connected with party of our candidates & with them of "wiejskie wesele" :) It lasted long 'till morning hours.

The last day was a conclusion of what happened on Friday and Saturday, we shared our knowledge, planned next actions and... took it all back home... :)

Unfortunately... another LCC had finished and we need to wait until Autumn 'till next will come - hope to see you there! :)

All the photos from the conference are available here: http://picasaweb.google.com/rada0809b/



EXchange IT!

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