środa, 22 kwietnia 2009

Krzysztof calling Wroclaw

Once upon a time there was an AIESECer called Krzysiek who set out to the small city of Nis as his LC Wroclaw banished him to Serbia….

And guess what, something went wrong with the “punishment”…… :)

So, let me start from the very beginning: People choose USA, India or some other huge country to go to their internship, but trust me, that here, in Serbia, everything is possible!!!!!

I will start with the first chapter of my life that brought me here- WORK: Let me tell you that Serbian people like to participate in many projects and learn about all sorts of different stuff, so being here was definitely the greatest opportunity to find out about plenty of things beside doing my regular job that I came here for.

Participation in the project “Tolerance Wake Up” brought me to work with the high-school students that were really interested in the topic and the AIESEC organization as a whole.


Moreover, I had experience working as a faci on their “Enterpreneurship” project and I attended many conferences and seminars here, like “Finance Education Seminar” (for this project I was also working on the preparation of the workshops.)

All these activities enabled me to get the experience that will come very handy in my future professional life.

Daily life and meeting everyday with people from other countries and the cooperation with all of them improved my English very much.

The second chapter of the book called PEOPLE: Before I came here I talked to a few persons that were in Serbia and they told me that Serbian people were open and friendly, which was the one of the main reasons I wanted to get here in the first place.. Just in order to check if they were telling the truth…:) And after two months spent in detailed analysis I came to the conclusion that it was all true!!!!! For example, in the evening you can go to a café alone and when you will be leaving the place you will have at least 5 new friends….

The third and the most attractive one-FUN: “HLADOVINA BRATE” what means exactly: just relax and have all the fun you can get… Serbian people like to get out a lot and it is always fun when you are with them… Moreover, there are many sights to see and numerous cultural monuments to visit here, in Nis and the nearby areas…..I witnessed that Serbia has beautiful natural landscapes and, believe me, the Serbs like to spend their sunny days hitch-hiking, organizing many picnics, and barbeques….

So, you won’t find here huge supermarkets and great shopping malls, but what you WILL have:

1. The great opportunities to work and have new experiences

2. Many friends and new acquaintances

3. Really, but really great FUN

poniedziałek, 20 kwietnia 2009

EB message - from INPUT 2009

To activate the English subtitles, please check "English" from the CC submenu in the bottom-right corner of the video.

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2009

Zilele Carierei - Career Days in Romania

Few weeks ago someone posted on our aiesec google groups some message, that in Romania are Career Days, and LC is looking for help and people from other LC's to promote own TNs. I thought 'Why not' and I decided to go. I found one more crazy person - Pawel Pollok and we moved out to Iasi in Romania for Zilele Carierei. We decided to go there by hitchhiking through Ukraine. After 3 days travel we reached Romania and LC in Iasi (btw. our travel costed us about 40 PLN :) - 1200 km.).

From the begging of staying here we got to know what really mean 'warm reception'. We have here our manager - Silviu, who is planning the days for us, taking care of us and so on. They are taking care of us so much, that they even not allow us for paying for food, sometimes even are buying a beer :) LC in Iasi is great, many open, crazy people and I really would like to go for internship for such committee.

Last days here we were spending on promoting Career Days in dormitories and in the city. Career Days looks a little bit different than this our in Poland. They have only local companies and this year because of financial crisis they got only 8 (previous year it was here 35 companies! I would like to remind that in our edition of Career Days were the same number of companies like previous year, despite the fact of crisis ;) ). Therefore LC decided to invite too NGO's and international AIESECers. Unfortunately we are only one of AIESECers from abroad here. This Job fairs are lasting here for 2 days. Today weren't many students here (about 400), some guys was really strange (for example some guy from High School with his mother :) ), but on the Workshops (sth like Academy of Skills) were quite many people. We hope that tomorrow will be better. After that we are coming back Poland, also hitchhiking this time through Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to Poland :)

BTW...Happy Easter :)

czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2009

What’s up in Conference for Leaders?!

Our team has started its work a month ago and it seems it’s time to make some updates about what we managed to do yet.

Let’s first mention that it is the second edition of Conference for Leaders and this time it is addressed do all the students organizations in Wrocław, not only to those from University of Economics.

We plan to fill our agenda with high-level workshops that will interest our audience; the subjects are from the areas of: team building, motivation, leadership and management. To sum up: all that is necessary to be a great leader! The Maciek Topczewski’s ER team is working hard to get the best companies to come on our conference and it has already some successes!

On the other hand we are concentrated on the exchange, Ola Stryjak – OCVP of this field with her newee Kuba Rudziak are doing their best to match the TNs with the EPs.

As about the Public Relations the plan has been set and we are successfully fulfilling it. The poster is ready, we’ve already invited the organizations to the conference and we are working on our web site, don’t hesitate to see it soon in totally new look!

Lastly we have to say something about our awesome Team Days that took place the last weekend in Jugów – a charming little place in one of the valleys of Kotlina Kłodzka.
We spent there one day and one night in a cottage house of our team college - Asia. It was a great opportunity to know ourselves better and also to talk about the project and our cooperation. To help the integration go smoothly we’ve organized a cooking party, shisha smoking;) and night outdoor activities(how is `podchody` in english?!). We whish you all such a good time!

Result of the cooking party;)

Walking in the valley...

Look what we`ve found in the wood:D

piątek, 3 kwietnia 2009

New Executive Board!

Hello World! :)

We're happy to announce the NEW Executive Board for term 2009/2010 in Local Committee Wrocław AE/UE! Here we go! :)

LCVP External Relations: Tomasz Kowcun
LCVP Finance: Piotr "Major" Majchrzak
LCVP ICX MT/TT: Małgorzata "Gocha" Wosińska
LCVP ICX DT/ET: Magdalena "magdalen!" Mazurkiewicz
LCVP OGX: Anna Michalak
LCVP Talent Management: Bartosz Woźniak
LCVP Communication: Mateusz "Matti" Pośpieszny
LCP: Łukasz Stachowiak

czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2009

How I found AIESEC Marseille?

There is pub in my university (yes – inside the school) where students, especially internationals meet very often. One night they played “Cotton eye Joe” and what I saw? Girl dancing @dance. Vanessa from Canada is doing CEED in here, she took me to the office. After 10 minutes of conversation they asked me to be FACI on local OPS. Awesome, only French Aiesecers are nothing like Polish:

· I got to know titles of my session on Thursday to be prepared on Friday

· There are no trainees in here

· Local EB didn`t go to French Input because it was too far

· They did no single exchange (not even signed TN) since the beginning of the year

· There was period in their history when they haven`t had any exchange for 4 years

· LCP from Nice didn`t know what is acceptance note

It was very hard to get used to when I compare it Wrocław UE. I really appreciated all the trainings I got in our committee :) But they are great people and this cadency is willing to change something. I keep my finger crossed, it was great experience providing sessions to 30 people anyway (especially after positive feedback from great girl from MC that was conference manager)!

French Kisses from Marseille!