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Zilele Carierei - Career Days in Romania

Few weeks ago someone posted on our aiesec google groups some message, that in Romania are Career Days, and LC is looking for help and people from other LC's to promote own TNs. I thought 'Why not' and I decided to go. I found one more crazy person - Pawel Pollok and we moved out to Iasi in Romania for Zilele Carierei. We decided to go there by hitchhiking through Ukraine. After 3 days travel we reached Romania and LC in Iasi (btw. our travel costed us about 40 PLN :) - 1200 km.).

From the begging of staying here we got to know what really mean 'warm reception'. We have here our manager - Silviu, who is planning the days for us, taking care of us and so on. They are taking care of us so much, that they even not allow us for paying for food, sometimes even are buying a beer :) LC in Iasi is great, many open, crazy people and I really would like to go for internship for such committee.

Last days here we were spending on promoting Career Days in dormitories and in the city. Career Days looks a little bit different than this our in Poland. They have only local companies and this year because of financial crisis they got only 8 (previous year it was here 35 companies! I would like to remind that in our edition of Career Days were the same number of companies like previous year, despite the fact of crisis ;) ). Therefore LC decided to invite too NGO's and international AIESECers. Unfortunately we are only one of AIESECers from abroad here. This Job fairs are lasting here for 2 days. Today weren't many students here (about 400), some guys was really strange (for example some guy from High School with his mother :) ), but on the Workshops (sth like Academy of Skills) were quite many people. We hope that tomorrow will be better. After that we are coming back Poland, also hitchhiking this time through Romania, Hungary and Slovakia to Poland :)

BTW...Happy Easter :)

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