czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2009

How I found AIESEC Marseille?

There is pub in my university (yes – inside the school) where students, especially internationals meet very often. One night they played “Cotton eye Joe” and what I saw? Girl dancing @dance. Vanessa from Canada is doing CEED in here, she took me to the office. After 10 minutes of conversation they asked me to be FACI on local OPS. Awesome, only French Aiesecers are nothing like Polish:

· I got to know titles of my session on Thursday to be prepared on Friday

· There are no trainees in here

· Local EB didn`t go to French Input because it was too far

· They did no single exchange (not even signed TN) since the beginning of the year

· There was period in their history when they haven`t had any exchange for 4 years

· LCP from Nice didn`t know what is acceptance note

It was very hard to get used to when I compare it Wrocław UE. I really appreciated all the trainings I got in our committee :) But they are great people and this cadency is willing to change something. I keep my finger crossed, it was great experience providing sessions to 30 people anyway (especially after positive feedback from great girl from MC that was conference manager)!

French Kisses from Marseille!

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