czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2009

What’s up in Conference for Leaders?!

Our team has started its work a month ago and it seems it’s time to make some updates about what we managed to do yet.

Let’s first mention that it is the second edition of Conference for Leaders and this time it is addressed do all the students organizations in Wrocław, not only to those from University of Economics.

We plan to fill our agenda with high-level workshops that will interest our audience; the subjects are from the areas of: team building, motivation, leadership and management. To sum up: all that is necessary to be a great leader! The Maciek Topczewski’s ER team is working hard to get the best companies to come on our conference and it has already some successes!

On the other hand we are concentrated on the exchange, Ola Stryjak – OCVP of this field with her newee Kuba Rudziak are doing their best to match the TNs with the EPs.

As about the Public Relations the plan has been set and we are successfully fulfilling it. The poster is ready, we’ve already invited the organizations to the conference and we are working on our web site, don’t hesitate to see it soon in totally new look!

Lastly we have to say something about our awesome Team Days that took place the last weekend in Jugów – a charming little place in one of the valleys of Kotlina Kłodzka.
We spent there one day and one night in a cottage house of our team college - Asia. It was a great opportunity to know ourselves better and also to talk about the project and our cooperation. To help the integration go smoothly we’ve organized a cooking party, shisha smoking;) and night outdoor activities(how is `podchody` in english?!). We whish you all such a good time!

Result of the cooking party;)

Walking in the valley...

Look what we`ve found in the wood:D

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