piątek, 26 czerwca 2009

Mientos za ocenem! :)

Kochany Komitecie!! :) ( Dear LC)

Guys I have just noticed that blog is in english ( after I wrote everything in polish) so I will translate main thoughts, if you would like to know details pls approach me on priv:))

No i przyszedl czas na mne..:) Czestotliwosc umieszczania przeze mnie postow to raz na rok w wakacje ( ciekawe co napisze Wam za rok..:))
Chciałąm obwieścić wszem i wobec ze dotarłam i nie musiscie wypatrywać mnie gdzieś pośrod fal oceanu:) Wczoraj minał drugi tydzień mojego pobuty tutaj i dalej nie moge sie przyzwyczaić że wszysko jest takie inne:).
( So finally I arrived to Puerto Rico! :) No plain crash, no accidents:) Although thsi is second week of my stay here I still have the impression that everything here is totally different;))

Chwilowo oczekując VP ER z Meksyku MC sie specjalnei nie przepracowuje dlatego też nie o pracy będę pisać ( bo i nie sama pracą człowiek żyje;))
(We are still waiitng for our MCVP EP from Mexico to start planning so in meantime we are a bit lazy that's why I ma not going to write about work:))

Moj pierwszy szok: termiczny ( obecnie 34 stopnie C plus duża wilgotność powietrze;)), drugi: tutaj wszyscy tańczą salse, merengue, bachata ( sprawdzce sobie na wikipedi:)) i reggaetone ( taniec do tego wyglada jak gra wstepna;)) .
( mu first shock; temperature ( 34 degrees plus humit), second; everyone dance here salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaetone ( it amazingly sexual :))

Wyspa jest piekna! Maja mega zroznicowane plaże ( mieszkam 10 min od jednej z nich:)), lasy, ktore wyglądają jak dżungla, piekne stare miasto w stolicy z puszną lodziarnia..:):) ( na zdieciu taka kolorowa)
( The island is beautuful!!!:) It's very diversified. You can find here many kinds of beaches ( my flat is 10 min from one of them), forests that look like rain forests, amazing old city ( in this colorful place on the pic you can buy the most delicious ice creams in the world;))

Aaa i wczorja bylam na pierwszej lekcji salsy ( jeszcze 9 przede mna:))!!
(( aaa and yesterday I took my frst salsa class - I have still 9 more;))

Kissses for you from dream island! :)

Mientosik :)

czwartek, 25 czerwca 2009

Video from MMS '09 (Dream Big!)

With special thanks to Bartosz Olejniczak - creator of this movie!
Thank you Bartek! :)

wtorek, 23 czerwca 2009

Dream Big! - MMS '09


We're right after 1st in the history of our LC - Middle Management Seminar!

For the first time in the history, we organized a 4-days conference for our OCPs, OCVPs & Coordinators to give them knowledge and skills to plan and lauch their own projects.

During 4 days spent in Sulistrowiczki (about 40km south from Wrocław) Executive Board - who worked as FACI team - passed the knowledge about planning, leading the project & working towards eXchange growth in our LC.

Together, we discussed about that, how important realization of eXchange in projects is, how to successfully lead a team and how to plan & work with plan during project duration time.

MMS was also a chance for Middle Management & Executive Board to get to know each other better, integrate & form one, coherent team to lead whole Local Committee this term.

Everything was held in Dream Big! climate - we realized that there are no barriers holding us back, or that there are no targets that are unreachable for us...

All in all - this was something very new for our LC - and we strongly believe, that "Dream Big! MMS '09" was the first step towards success of term 2009/2010.

Thank you very much for your participation in MMS conference! And remember...

Dream Big!
PS Photos from the conference can be found on our Local Committee PicasaGoogle... Enjoy! :)

środa, 17 czerwca 2009

Wrocław Reception Weekend '09

What can you do during one weekend in Wrocław?

... have some parties!
... drink the best beer in the city!
... search for some dwarves!
... make a city tour to the most charming corners of the city!
... see the exhibition in the Centhennial Hall!
... take a cruise on Odra River!
... climb up the trees on Opatowicka Island!
... take a walk in Japanese Garden!


Actually, we did much more!!! :D

But the best things is that we did all those things together! And we did it - as an international Wrocław Reception Weekend team!!!

Our foreign guests during this weekend had an amazing opportunity to get to know Wrocław well.
They were marching bravely through the streets, finding interesting places and monuments. Yes, they were sightseeing hard and partying harder!:)

They also proved that Wrocław is a city of dance, learning some salsa steps from Cuban lady and swaying with some Poles in Polonez in the heart of the city.

WRW Team! :)

wtorek, 9 czerwca 2009

Rock Your Career - take up a holiday opportunity!


Do you want experience great summer adventure?? Team ROCK YOUR CAREER has great offer to you.

Join our TEAM and make great event!

But first what is ROCK YOUR CAREER about??
The mission of the project is to prepare a cycle of soft-skill trainings targetted for 1st year students.

Work is not enough. ROCK YOU CAREER is also great fun, integration, team meeting with barbecue, unforgettable team days. During vacation are many trainers so you will have opportunity to feel AIESEC internationality.

If YOU are interested , call me or send a mail - damian.kupczak@gmail.com or +48 606 825 368



sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

General Assembly on 3rd of June

3 days ago on first General Assembly of this term, everything officially changed. It was the final act in EB08/09 finalization and EB09/10 taking over the Committee. Why? Simply because of the motions that we were voting and discussing on this GA.
Kamil Bożyk (Chair of this GA) first opened presentations and voting for approving newly elected OCPs for 1st round of projects in term 2009/2010. On Wednesday we officially approved 10 OCPs. Congratulations! :)

Damian Jaremicz - Career Days 2010

Paweł Woldan - Academy of Perspectives

Justyna Michel - TOP

Marta Krysiak - Brand the World

Anna Bzdon - New Horizons

Agnieszka Kiełbasa - E-Week

Paweł Stępień - CR/IT Conference

Damian Kupczak - Rock Your Career

Łukasz Wachnowski - LCC

Karolina Śliwińska - Train the Trainers

Next motions were finalizing previous term... firstly, we gave Vote of Acceptance to all OCPs from 2nd round of projects in term 2008/2009. Big round of applause goes to Damian Jaremicz, Aleksandra Stryjak, Paulina Łuczak, Marcel Rowiński, Piotr Majchrzak, Magdalena Kubiak, Marta Gruszka and Grzegorz Burdynowski who realized their projects! Congratulations! :)

Finally, we got to the Vote of Acceptance for Executive Board 2008/2009.

Whole EB got accepted with no hesitation! And of course here also goes HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for...

Marta Rogaczewska
LCP 2008/2009

Kamila de Ostoja Starzewska
LCVP Talent Management 2008/2009

Aleksandra Świerzyńska
LCVP Outgoing Exchange 2008/2009

Magdalena Dzikowska
LCVP Finance 2008/2009

Marek Kotiuszko
LCVP Communication 2008/2009

Łukasz Stachowiak
LCVP External Relations 2008/2009

Thank you for everything you did for us! :)

czwartek, 4 czerwca 2009

Wroclaw UE goes 2.0!

Hello Everyone! :)

With extreme pleasure I wanted to announce that our Local Committee had gone one step further in communication and we're now highly visible in widely-understood web 2.0! :)

What does it mean?
From now on, whole communication platform used by our Local Committee have been revisited and extended. We're visible through diversified multimedia internet channels used for different types of communication. It's the first step for LC Wrocław UE for starting our online development!

OK, but what's all this about actually?
The thing is that we've new web-tools such us YouTube channel, Picasa albums, Twitter updates, Facebook group and more - these all have been implemented into our renovated blog and they're enabling our Local Committee to start in fact being visible in the network.

And where can I see the effects?
Here we go... the basic platform and the starting point for your Web 2.0 journey should be our blog (or our MyAIESEC.net WIKI), where most of the options have been implemented... the new address of our revisited blog is:
Previous address (wroclawaeaiesec.blogspot.com) will redirect you automatically after 5 seconds.

On the right side (Worth visiting) as well as in the bottom of the page (AIESEC Wrocław UE 2.0) you can find links to all of our Web 2.0 tools, these are:

YouTube channel
Also visible in the right side of the blog as "Videos"

Twitter updates
Also visible in the top of the blog (below our LC logo) as "LC News"

Picasa album (2009/10)
There are also albums from term 2008/09 (links on the blog & actual Picasa)

Flickr Photostream (HQ photos)
Also visible in the right side of the blog as "Photos"

Facebook group

All above are just the beginning of the revolution 2.0 that takes place in Local Committee of AIESEC in Wrocław UE! :)

What's next?
Now there's time for renovation of the centres of all above... our LC website and our MyAIESEC.net WIKIs - so soon... stay tuned for final revolution! :)

With best regards,

Telling the Story 2.0... now in Wrocław UE!

wtorek, 2 czerwca 2009

Blog renovation!

Hello Committee and Dear Guests! :)

As you all know, this week we started the new term in LC Wrocław UE - the time for Executive Board 2009/2010 has come! :)

That's also why we're starting some renovations on our websites and blog. In next few days the blog may be unavailable - please stay tuned for more information in upcoming week. Hopefully, everything will be running smoothly by the beginning of next week.

So stay tuned and visit here again soon! :)

Best regards,

poniedziałek, 1 czerwca 2009