wtorek, 23 czerwca 2009

Dream Big! - MMS '09


We're right after 1st in the history of our LC - Middle Management Seminar!

For the first time in the history, we organized a 4-days conference for our OCPs, OCVPs & Coordinators to give them knowledge and skills to plan and lauch their own projects.

During 4 days spent in Sulistrowiczki (about 40km south from Wrocław) Executive Board - who worked as FACI team - passed the knowledge about planning, leading the project & working towards eXchange growth in our LC.

Together, we discussed about that, how important realization of eXchange in projects is, how to successfully lead a team and how to plan & work with plan during project duration time.

MMS was also a chance for Middle Management & Executive Board to get to know each other better, integrate & form one, coherent team to lead whole Local Committee this term.

Everything was held in Dream Big! climate - we realized that there are no barriers holding us back, or that there are no targets that are unreachable for us...

All in all - this was something very new for our LC - and we strongly believe, that "Dream Big! MMS '09" was the first step towards success of term 2009/2010.

Thank you very much for your participation in MMS conference! And remember...

Dream Big!
PS Photos from the conference can be found on our Local Committee PicasaGoogle... Enjoy! :)

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