sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

General Assembly on 3rd of June

3 days ago on first General Assembly of this term, everything officially changed. It was the final act in EB08/09 finalization and EB09/10 taking over the Committee. Why? Simply because of the motions that we were voting and discussing on this GA.
Kamil Bożyk (Chair of this GA) first opened presentations and voting for approving newly elected OCPs for 1st round of projects in term 2009/2010. On Wednesday we officially approved 10 OCPs. Congratulations! :)

Damian Jaremicz - Career Days 2010

Paweł Woldan - Academy of Perspectives

Justyna Michel - TOP

Marta Krysiak - Brand the World

Anna Bzdon - New Horizons

Agnieszka Kiełbasa - E-Week

Paweł Stępień - CR/IT Conference

Damian Kupczak - Rock Your Career

Łukasz Wachnowski - LCC

Karolina Śliwińska - Train the Trainers

Next motions were finalizing previous term... firstly, we gave Vote of Acceptance to all OCPs from 2nd round of projects in term 2008/2009. Big round of applause goes to Damian Jaremicz, Aleksandra Stryjak, Paulina Łuczak, Marcel Rowiński, Piotr Majchrzak, Magdalena Kubiak, Marta Gruszka and Grzegorz Burdynowski who realized their projects! Congratulations! :)

Finally, we got to the Vote of Acceptance for Executive Board 2008/2009.

Whole EB got accepted with no hesitation! And of course here also goes HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for...

Marta Rogaczewska
LCP 2008/2009

Kamila de Ostoja Starzewska
LCVP Talent Management 2008/2009

Aleksandra Świerzyńska
LCVP Outgoing Exchange 2008/2009

Magdalena Dzikowska
LCVP Finance 2008/2009

Marek Kotiuszko
LCVP Communication 2008/2009

Łukasz Stachowiak
LCVP External Relations 2008/2009

Thank you for everything you did for us! :)

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