czwartek, 4 czerwca 2009

Wroclaw UE goes 2.0!

Hello Everyone! :)

With extreme pleasure I wanted to announce that our Local Committee had gone one step further in communication and we're now highly visible in widely-understood web 2.0! :)

What does it mean?
From now on, whole communication platform used by our Local Committee have been revisited and extended. We're visible through diversified multimedia internet channels used for different types of communication. It's the first step for LC Wrocław UE for starting our online development!

OK, but what's all this about actually?
The thing is that we've new web-tools such us YouTube channel, Picasa albums, Twitter updates, Facebook group and more - these all have been implemented into our renovated blog and they're enabling our Local Committee to start in fact being visible in the network.

And where can I see the effects?
Here we go... the basic platform and the starting point for your Web 2.0 journey should be our blog (or our WIKI), where most of the options have been implemented... the new address of our revisited blog is:
Previous address ( will redirect you automatically after 5 seconds.

On the right side (Worth visiting) as well as in the bottom of the page (AIESEC Wrocław UE 2.0) you can find links to all of our Web 2.0 tools, these are:

YouTube channel
Also visible in the right side of the blog as "Videos"

Twitter updates
Also visible in the top of the blog (below our LC logo) as "LC News"

Picasa album (2009/10)
There are also albums from term 2008/09 (links on the blog & actual Picasa)

Flickr Photostream (HQ photos)
Also visible in the right side of the blog as "Photos"

Facebook group

All above are just the beginning of the revolution 2.0 that takes place in Local Committee of AIESEC in Wrocław UE! :)

What's next?
Now there's time for renovation of the centres of all above... our LC website and our WIKIs - so soon... stay tuned for final revolution! :)

With best regards,

Telling the Story 2.0... now in Wrocław UE!

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