piątek, 10 lipca 2009

5 awards for LC Wroclaw UE!

Hello Everyone! :)

I am sending this post on behalf of whole EB0910 directly from Summer Conference of AIESEC in Poland on which we just finished National Awards Gala for term 2008/09 and 2nd Quarter of year 2009. With ENORMOUS PRIDE I wanted to announce that LC Wroclaw UE got 5 amazing awards!!!

- PricewaterhouseCoopers Best Talent Management Award 2008/2009
- Best Partnership Management Award 2008/2009 (for Ustronianka)
- Łukasz Gniłka: Best AIESEC Ernst&Young Ambasador 2008/2009
- Anna Ukleja: Promotion of Come and Grow with us (Bank Millennium)
- Large Cluster Q2 Performance Award

We're extremely happy from these awards and as EB0910 we really hope to grow even more this term! :)

Special thanks go to Executive Board 2008/2009, Anna Ukleja (Jamaica) and Łukasz Gniłka who were in many ways creators of these successes! Congratulations! :)

PS Official presentation of awards will be next week in our @office ;)