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Big city life - Kocie Uszko far far away reltion:)

Hello Committee!

I'm so proud bcos I was former of this blog and it's really works now:) And normally I used to delegate sending post here and now.. I got task to put sth here hehe:) (hate you Matti:p)

Dear Committee as you probably know now I experience my life changing experience in Southern Cone as a Member Committee. I'm responsible for talent management here (finally after being ER and Communication;p) and LC development. AIESEC here was formed 3,5 years ago and is more developed than I thought before, especially TM area so it's big challenge for me to continue what my predecessor started. Southern Cone consists of 3 countries - Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and have about 310 members (so it's a lot of people to motivate what is a part of my JD;p). All Scone makes less X than our committee during one year but it's still growing.

Today it's exactly one month I'm here and I think I can say some words from perspective of that time. After some cultural shocks - being a blond haired among Latin girls or kissing guys into cheek as a greeting or people who speak Spanish all the time I'm trying to find myself here:) Now I'm almost get used to waking up at 7 in the morning and spending 12 hours in the office:) I'm working in VERY multicultural team - 7 people and 6 different nationalities - Poland, USA, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. It's really cool to experience different behaviours, attitudes and cultures. You can meet my team on video I made (yes... left-overs after being a communication in EBs;p)

In general people here are really amazing and very "open" :) They want to talk with me, go out together show the city.. and are really keen on of Polish culture:)

Now I'm living in Buenos Aires but I already had chance to visit Santiago, which is 1 hour from one of the best Andes ski resorts in South America:) and for sure I will take advantage of this in September at the end of the winter season when ski-passes are for free:)

In Buenos Aires I haven't visited a lot yet but it's not possible to see everything here in 3 weeks. It's really huuuuge and fraze "big city life" takes a new meaning here:)

At the end of this post (which is written 100% by me and I did not delegate this;p) I would like to encourage you to go for international experience which AIESEC can give you. It's the best what you can do in our organization (some people say that signing TNs is better but I can't say that:p) so don't loose your chance and remember to "always take um new challanges"

Besitos from Buenos Aires


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