wtorek, 15 września 2009

AP VII - update

The last gasps of holidays sun are going down, the last holidays journejs are coming to an end, the last minutes of total relax time are finishing... NOW AP IS COMING!!!!

Team Academy Of Perspectives is starting it`s walk to success. Weekly Meetings, task, moments of celebrations, everything what we love so much it`s coming back to us

If you forgot we just kindly remind you what AP is about... It is about Fun, joy, success, more fun, it is about session about business and sofy skilks for young high school students, runned by our inters.

Any questions? Just ask us!

Wanna help us? Wanna join us? Tell us!

AP team

środa, 2 września 2009

CR/IT project - update

- Paweł?

- Yes?

- We did not have chance to do post on a blog?

Not everyone managed to have one realize that in our committee, a modest team creates one of the major winter events AIESEC Poland. Talking about an international conference CR / IT. Yes, the conference is a great deal and so what? What distinguishes it from the other 365?

Team. Paweł, Aga, and Łukasz, in short Piotrkowe ŁAPki. And why Piotrkowe? For how can we not mention this fun tour guide Major, who is closely monitoring our actions. What, then, we have done so far?

The conference is part of a large, well a very large program Learning Network, which means that it can be formally learn a lot from it and a lot of reach (not just towels). Theme is hot. Socially responsible business, is serious. But is also serious about the issue of large corporations? This question and many others on CSR conference participants will be able to know the answer. In addition, will take place in parallel will also have a program for IT.

We had different ideas about the appearance and course of events, so recently we have come to some agreements, including the guardian of our nation - Ula Piller. The confrontation of ideas with the reality of the project renamed for ICX.

Currently, we are also in the final stage of the place where will be CR / IT. We go to meetings with owners and facilities managers liqu.. pish tourism.

Our brave TEAM shall also other activities, which we have recently patch (and the sick - Łukasz) people. Agnieszka, our ER is also involved in the project Rock Your Carter, and now resides on the 'practice' in Bulgaria. Similarly, pseudo-practice before he was Łukasz, who also worked on the local committee conference. Paweł embraces the last matching, it is likely to come on fruits of his work.

I would also like to mention that we feel our breath on the back of Coach - Major.

On behalf of the team - Łukasz, clever PR.

wtorek, 1 września 2009

New Horizons - update

First of all, I’d like to explain one important thing. Some of you can be disappointed, the others will breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because our New Horizons project is not a Ukrainian conference . However, I’m sure that thanks to my team, absolutely great VPs Daria Kępa and Monika Saleh and our new OCs (who will join us soon) our New Horizons will be even more recognized!

At the beginning of NH team existing, after MMS planning conference we focused on … integration. Our summer meetings in Wroclaw showed me that striving to our aims will not only be a hard effort but above all huge satisfaction and realization of our passions. What will lead us to reach our goals and plans is positive energy and high level of motivation. Our team has also first achievements – soon we will see logo of NH, created by Daria, we coked “pierogi” as a representative polish dish during Global Village ;p and one more thing – Monika helped 3 people to go for the internship.

The essence of our project is to create new horizons for students from Easter Europe, Middle East and South America who will come to Wroclaw for MT traineeships, so …

Dear LC, MC, IC, AIESECers and Trainees – successful raising campaign is coming with …

New Horizons Team! :)

TOP - update

Dear Committee!

Everyone knows (hmm… maybe apart from our Dear EB ;)), that currently we have holidays, therefore every member of TOP use this time to relax and just chill after very very hard year on University of Economics, (and everyone knows, how hard is to be a student of this University …)

Of course our project is still alive, but has also holidays

For those, who don’t know what is TOP about I want to say, that this project is just awesome!

In short: the plan is to organize 3. edition of fairs and workshops with the biggest and most interesting NGOs from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, which will show its offer and possibilities of cooperation most of all for young people.

But .. project is not only work, is most of all team. DREM TEAM!

VP ER Julek, OCP Justyna & VP PR Magda

And… our Dear Coach! Magdalen!

Wanna be member of our team?

Just join us and become a part of TOP (even name of this project says, that it must be coll, isn’t it? (: )

Brand the World - update

Ask yourself a question what the letters „BTW” stand for… It’s not as you possibly think: “by the way”, no! Now this letters gain brand new meaning cause they stand for the name of our project!

BRAND THE WORLD is a unique PBoX. We can say it’s something between Academy of Perspectives and normal internship. Sounds weird? No it’s not!

The main idea is to raise few MT/DT TN’s which need a creative workers for PR/marketing department. After the interns (who must be marketing oriented) arrive they will be provided with know-how on creating a professional media strategy for company’s and NGO’s.

Sounds easy? Yeah, but for sure It won’t be ! The biggest challenge will be to make some company’s interested in BTW. That’s why we need to be visible for Wroclaw’s market players much more, especially in the Internet.

We can make it cause we’ve got … brand!

Anyway, we rely on you AIESEC’ers. So please mention our project during calls and business meetings.

So far we’ve got a business offer and some logotypes ideas which I’m not showing you, or as you insist… OK :

Brand the World (so far) are:

Marta Krysiak – OCP (currently on EVS in Turkey)

Marek “Siarol” Siarkiewicz – OC VP PR (has just got back from a DT in Turkey)

Asia Charewicz – OC VP ER (dunno if she has ever been to Turkey)