wtorek, 1 września 2009

Brand the World - update

Ask yourself a question what the letters „BTW” stand for… It’s not as you possibly think: “by the way”, no! Now this letters gain brand new meaning cause they stand for the name of our project!

BRAND THE WORLD is a unique PBoX. We can say it’s something between Academy of Perspectives and normal internship. Sounds weird? No it’s not!

The main idea is to raise few MT/DT TN’s which need a creative workers for PR/marketing department. After the interns (who must be marketing oriented) arrive they will be provided with know-how on creating a professional media strategy for company’s and NGO’s.

Sounds easy? Yeah, but for sure It won’t be ! The biggest challenge will be to make some company’s interested in BTW. That’s why we need to be visible for Wroclaw’s market players much more, especially in the Internet.

We can make it cause we’ve got … brand!

Anyway, we rely on you AIESEC’ers. So please mention our project during calls and business meetings.

So far we’ve got a business offer and some logotypes ideas which I’m not showing you, or as you insist… OK :

Brand the World (so far) are:

Marta Krysiak – OCP (currently on EVS in Turkey)

Marek “Siarol” Siarkiewicz – OC VP PR (has just got back from a DT in Turkey)

Asia Charewicz – OC VP ER (dunno if she has ever been to Turkey)


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