środa, 2 września 2009

CR/IT project - update

- Paweł?

- Yes?

- We did not have chance to do post on a blog?

Not everyone managed to have one realize that in our committee, a modest team creates one of the major winter events AIESEC Poland. Talking about an international conference CR / IT. Yes, the conference is a great deal and so what? What distinguishes it from the other 365?

Team. Paweł, Aga, and Łukasz, in short Piotrkowe ŁAPki. And why Piotrkowe? For how can we not mention this fun tour guide Major, who is closely monitoring our actions. What, then, we have done so far?

The conference is part of a large, well a very large program Learning Network, which means that it can be formally learn a lot from it and a lot of reach (not just towels). Theme is hot. Socially responsible business, is serious. But is also serious about the issue of large corporations? This question and many others on CSR conference participants will be able to know the answer. In addition, will take place in parallel will also have a program for IT.

We had different ideas about the appearance and course of events, so recently we have come to some agreements, including the guardian of our nation - Ula Piller. The confrontation of ideas with the reality of the project renamed for ICX.

Currently, we are also in the final stage of the place where will be CR / IT. We go to meetings with owners and facilities managers liqu.. pish tourism.

Our brave TEAM shall also other activities, which we have recently patch (and the sick - Łukasz) people. Agnieszka, our ER is also involved in the project Rock Your Carter, and now resides on the 'practice' in Bulgaria. Similarly, pseudo-practice before he was Łukasz, who also worked on the local committee conference. Paweł embraces the last matching, it is likely to come on fruits of his work.

I would also like to mention that we feel our breath on the back of Coach - Major.

On behalf of the team - Łukasz, clever PR.

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