wtorek, 1 września 2009

New Horizons - update

First of all, I’d like to explain one important thing. Some of you can be disappointed, the others will breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because our New Horizons project is not a Ukrainian conference . However, I’m sure that thanks to my team, absolutely great VPs Daria Kępa and Monika Saleh and our new OCs (who will join us soon) our New Horizons will be even more recognized!

At the beginning of NH team existing, after MMS planning conference we focused on … integration. Our summer meetings in Wroclaw showed me that striving to our aims will not only be a hard effort but above all huge satisfaction and realization of our passions. What will lead us to reach our goals and plans is positive energy and high level of motivation. Our team has also first achievements – soon we will see logo of NH, created by Daria, we coked “pierogi” as a representative polish dish during Global Village ;p and one more thing – Monika helped 3 people to go for the internship.

The essence of our project is to create new horizons for students from Easter Europe, Middle East and South America who will come to Wroclaw for MT traineeships, so …

Dear LC, MC, IC, AIESECers and Trainees – successful raising campaign is coming with …

New Horizons Team! :)

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