wtorek, 1 września 2009

TOP - update

Dear Committee!

Everyone knows (hmm… maybe apart from our Dear EB ;)), that currently we have holidays, therefore every member of TOP use this time to relax and just chill after very very hard year on University of Economics, (and everyone knows, how hard is to be a student of this University …)

Of course our project is still alive, but has also holidays

For those, who don’t know what is TOP about I want to say, that this project is just awesome!

In short: the plan is to organize 3. edition of fairs and workshops with the biggest and most interesting NGOs from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, which will show its offer and possibilities of cooperation most of all for young people.

But .. project is not only work, is most of all team. DREM TEAM!

VP ER Julek, OCP Justyna & VP PR Magda

And… our Dear Coach! Magdalen!

Wanna be member of our team?

Just join us and become a part of TOP (even name of this project says, that it must be coll, isn’t it? (: )

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