poniedziałek, 12 października 2009

Career Days update


We are very happy to inform you that, after long discussions and negotiation, all of the OCVPs of Career Days 2010 have been found and already started their work:D
Please welcome with lot of excitement our team:

OCP: Damian Jaremicz - UE

OCVP ER: Joanna Draczyńska - PeWro

OCVP ER: Adrianna Szot - UE

OCVP AU/LOG: Martyna - PeWro

OCVP PR: Agata Cieślak - UE

At our last meeting, after having some introduction and integration time (Champaign!), we worked out our vision and presented our expectations.
Every one of us described how imagines his work and what she/he wants to achieve. As the result of this long discussion we wrote down many ideas that, if realized, will make next Wroclaw’s Career Days the most innovative work fairs ever:) We decided that the most important in our project will be: communication, development and professionalism.
Now we can’t wait for our newies to join us to work hard and play even harder together!
As you can see we are going forward like a tornado and we are not planning to slow down. You are going to hear about us sooner than you can spell the words “ C-A-R-E-E-R D-A-Y-S R-O-C-K-S!”

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nie rozumiem języka w którym piszesz :D

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