środa, 2 grudnia 2009

FORCE 2009 by Wroclaw UE :)

Can you imagine group of people having fun together ?Can you imagine group of people working together ?

Over 120 people in one place, moreover 15 LC, facis, chair…

and only one

the most visible……..

the noisiest…………..

the best………………

Local Committee WROCŁAW UE !!!

Our integration started at night in the train, because of small number of free places, some of us, didn’t have a possibility to sit/sleep by whole trip, but we found a solution and finally (maybe by few minutes) everybody was happy :D

During FORCE conference a lot of things happened. 4 days gave us a chance to know each other better with our lovely newbies and to show the others how great to be a member of this positive team!

Many tasks, challenges, parties let us to feel as one team, people who score the same goals.

It’s really great feeling when you walk through a hall and people talk to you that during session your LC is so active, so positive and integrate with others.

That’s why I didn’t doubt any minute that award for “The best delegation” is ours. With this kind of people it’s very difficult not to get itJ, in the end of conference Kamilka confirmed me that I want to stay with this LC longer than I assumed it before.

Welldone once again was trying to win a “kissing competition”, we checked how many people can come into a wardrobe at once and also our newbie – Kuba showed us, how easy you can lose in “bitches, bitches”(btw. he had to be frozen – running just in shorts!!)

Well, we have many stories like this, if you want to hear more... ask someone who was there with us! We can tell it over and over.

This conference is not only about fun. We had learnt also a lot! On LDS track we created national projects which I hope will be implemented to the MC plan. Every home group had another subject but all of them were about @ - soon we will get result which group wins! (It was a competition and winners will have training with Deloitte!!!)

Newbies created their own LCs and they had a simulation of working in. They also had a chance to take part in exchange competition and realize as big number as exchanges as it is possible – winner also was chosen!!!

I think our LC got a huge dose of motivation and now we can come back to work! We have our dreams, goals and we all together are going to reach them!!



by Monika