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Introduction Process: LCC, trainings and Team Days!

Introduction “newies” to AIESEC is officially over. Now is time to some sum-up:

22 -2 4 Oct: Local Committee Conference.

The conference took place in a picturesque land called “Radków”, where all of us took part in many sessions discussing AIESEC structure, rules, history and ideas. However the main point of LCC was getting to know each other, choosing our projects and of course: enjoying participation! Especially during all-night parties…

27 Oct - 8 Nov: Trainings.

AIESEC is like a big company, where specific dos and don’ts apply, so usually it isn’t easy to remember and use all of them ad hoc. Our EB prepared some trainings for newbies, where we could learn more about things like: telemarketing & business meetings, communication tools, @net, financial rules, and TN. Now we feel much more confident about all that.

5 Oct - 7 Nov: Team Days.

That was time when every team could spend more time with themselves, talking about their work, plans, cooperation with other teams and integrate with each other.

Bellow: few spontaneous testimonies from some of our teams.

Team Days of DIVERSITY PROJECT took place in Sulistrowiczki.

Main things that the Diversity Team worked at:

- set up goals for next few months

- practice team work combined with individual time for reflection

- run some "reception" scenarios and determine their image in the future that they strive for

- BEST MOMENT: the final GAME when they broaden their knowledge.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONFERENCE was also in “Sulistrowiczki” place with Diversity people.

Main events:

- trainings and games

- explanation what exactly IBC is and how roles of all members look like

- talking about private expectations from the project and having some sessions for leaders and newbies

- cooking competitions, Pan Staszek and party by night.

CATH INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE Team spend their TD with AIESEC Uni in Siechnice. What were they exactly doing here?

- trust-games and trainings included the OGX sector and how to be a “buddy”

- Dorota provided also a PR course. What’s important – all of CIA’s members were already responsible for small part of the Big Project and this was probably the key to success

- what else? Dream session about plans and motivations, party, games and pure happiness!

AIESEC UNIVERSITY Team spent TD two weeks in a row:

- first, during induction for their trainees (Lei from China, Manish from Mauritius, Lena from Russia, Juan from Colombia and Lizzie from New Zealand)

- they spent day and night together getting to know each other in nice atmosphere, then working on how should AIESEC University workshops look like

- they managed to create the frames of work

- One week later AIESEC University Team went on Team Days with CIA

- they went through Global Village Task Force - huge brainstorm session in order to plan the event

- the best part started in the evening - from cooking party when they prepared few meals, Personal Goal Setting session during which they spent time reflecting on their plans and how to achieve them ending on the party

- the most memorable moment for OCP, Asia Żołnierz was when, in the morning, Lei held in her hands a little kitty for the first time ever :)

ACADEMY OF PERSPECTIVES Team decided to stay in Wrocław and explore thebesides of our beautiful city.

- First: there was integration games in Ślężak Student House

- They had trainings on “how to achieve goals” and “how we want to perceived by others and "what person we wanted to be” and many others

- They invited new interns from Costarica and New Zealand – Naty and Robbie

LOCAL BRAND TEAM & CAREER DAYS spend our time in Agata’s grandma house in a really pretty village near Wrocław.

In general:

- we had a great deal of PR and ER trainings (e.g. talking about CD's target group and many other complicated marketing terms as well as having a really professional selling session made by Tomek Szajniuk and Ania Bzdon )

- we figured out a Career Days vision and poster

- communication with companies was CD Team’s priority

- we played AIESEC games and had some party delegates for whom our party had various results… Damian can tell you more about this - just dare to ask him :)

Take care guys and be ready for some more up-dates from our committee life soon!

Anna Rakoczy (LBT) & Olga Jankowska (Diversity), Agnieszka Siekierska (IBC), Dorota Izdepska (CIA), Asia Żołnierz (AIESEC Uni), Ula Mus (Academy of Perspectives), Kuba Czerwiński (Career Days)

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dorota pisze...

Seems like we had great time :D

Thank you Ania for Your post! :)

AgatkA pisze...

O yeah! this time was really great!
What about our EB? How did you guys enjoyed TD you were on?

AgatkA pisze...

O yeah! this time was really great!
What about our EB? How did you guys enjoyed TD you were on?

Damian Jaremicz pisze...

I was on AU and CIA Team Days - it was amazing ! Huge regards for Skanska workers :P

Piotr Kuciapski pisze...

I announce the shark tooth search after this team days :) :P