wtorek, 28 grudnia 2010

What is already done? Local Brand Team.

LBT in complete

Local Brand Team is a specific project. We don’t aim at any culmination point like Career Days or Academy of Perspectives do. I like to think that our mission is giving help and creating opportunities to other teams. But let's get down to the nitty-gritty: what we actually do?

If needed, we create logotypes, posters, slogans, webpages (cooperate with IBC, Global Village, Career Days);

We take care about social media: blog (if you still don’t know the address: http://wroclawue.blogspot.com/), facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=86263227263), youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/wroclawue),

We're running our committee’s photo album – Picasa (http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011);

We prepare trainings on computer graphics, writing press releases, organizing press conferences etc. More details: soon!

But what is in the spotlight right now?

Reserve a little time in two weeks, because a great party will be started! We found that it’s great way to integrate with other student’s organizations and build valuable network. We decided to pitch in with Kampus TV, because we have the same goals and priorities.

Who will be there?

Students from over twenty organizations, in total: about 650 people.

What will be happen?

- a lot of fun, great music and good drinks

- self-promoting

- competitions with prizes

- a photo session

- a lottery

- suprises

LBT girls self-promoting

What you have to do?

Everybody who wants to take part in HOLLYWOOD PARTY is asked to send a confirmation e-mail to Justyna Kurek (justyna.anita.kurek@gmail.com), because it is a closed event and Justyna has to put your name on the guests list!

Don’t forget to dress up in a Hollywood style!

Join to this event on Facebook:


Anna Rakoczy (Local Brand Team :)

piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Few words about things happened in December. Christmas and Global Village mostly.

"Can you hear the sound of Christmas song? Can you smell the Christmas tree? Can you see these presents?" - can you remember these words? Yes, this is the beginning of Julita's wishes you could hear on our Christmas Eve. As you remember, we had a delicious dinner with traditional dishes straight from the microwave. There were everything! Borsch with ravioli, croquettes with meat, dumplings and gingerbread cookies... We also watched a special wishes-movie and we got to know, that our EB's can dance in a really professional way and that Marcin Duchnowski has singing talent. Then there was a time for the almost-most-important thing that evening. Presents. We had our own Santa and we strongly believed that he was real (some say, that just before Santa coming to us, Michał aka Polanka disappeared, but - in my opinion - they are just libels). After a long time we at least could “breake the wafer” and gave our best wishes to people we know, like, love, work with, didn't know yet, just because of this special evening.

What happened next? Well... as we can read at parable about the birth of
Jesus: "Then Joseph said to Holy Mary and Three Kings: let's go to the Russian party, there's a place for us. We should proclaim the good news to our brothers and sisters. Let's celebrate this happy day in an absolutely irrational way!". So... You know the rest :)

December was a month of finishing a big AIESEC UNIVERSITY's project. 11th
December many of us stayed in Renoma, when the Global Village took place. If you didn't, you can read few words about what exactly happened there:

On 11th of December in Renoma there was Global Village, a big festival
where our interns had an opportunity to present their nationalities, traditions and Christmas customs. Preparation started very early, about 7 am, and we had to decorate the last floor of Renoma, put the stage together and organize everything. About 10 00 our presenter Marek started the show. There were dance shows and competitions during which customers could win mp3s, pendrives, dictionaries, cosmetics and more. About 5 pm our OCPs Asia and Ula gave certificates to all students who participated in AIESEC UNI and Academy of Perspectives.

During short breaks aiesecers could teach the customers how to dance AIESEC dances which was great fun. About 8 pm we started to clean everything up, tired but satisfied we went home to prepare ourselves for after party in PLAN B (unfortunately some of us, mainly boys had to stay in Renoma longer to help with moving the stage out of the building, thanks guys, we appreciate your devotion :)). During the party we had great fun, there was awesome music, nice people and fantastic atmosphere!
Małgosia Bułatewicz (PR AIESEC Uni)

Photos from GV you can wath here: http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011
and here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Village/133817453340738

It is truly an unforgettable feeling, when you can see great effects of your
hard work. I wish you as wonderful effects as it can be and as amazing feelings as you can imagine. But also: take a long breath this week and forget about all work which is not making scrumptious bakes and throwing snowballs. Do your best.

Before you close this page: you HAVE TO wath this:


Anna Rakoczy (Local Brand Team) & Małgosia B
ułatewicz (AIESEC Uni) - a note from GV

poniedziałek, 20 grudnia 2010

What is already done? AIESEC University.

As AIESEC Uni team we are very pleased and satisfied with Global Village*. Since that event we still have many things to organise because from 13-17 December was the last week of our AIESEC University course. We bade farewell to almost all of our interns apart from Manish who probably is going to stay with us longer. We hope he liked us and Poland so much that he decided not to leave us :) On Monday we will clean the office and after that it is going to be our last team meeting before Christmas so hopefully we will do it as fast as possible and we will be able to leave Wroclaw and visit our families. Soon we are going to know who will be our new OCP so we'll also have to say 'good bye' to Asia**. After Christmas break, full of energy we'll go back to work.

*Post about GV (and also about our christmas eve) should appear this week, be patient!
**Update: New OCP of AIESEC Uni is Paulina Kuśnierz. Congratulations!

Małgorzata Bułatewicz (AIESEC University) & Anna Rakoczy (LBT; just footnotes)

wtorek, 14 grudnia 2010

Christmas Evening!

I am pleased to invite you to an






16th December, 6 p.m.


Place: Hotel Europeum Conference Hall, ul Świętego Antoniego 2/4


What do you have to bring?

- If you are taking part in Olga’s gifts competition – don’t forget to take your present!

- If you can’t wait to try your new gingerbread recipe – don’t hesitate to bake and bring some!

- If you have some stupid gadgets like reindeer antlers or sth like that – don’t forget to wear them!

- If you have some good pre-christmas feelings in your heart – share your happiness with us!

Why do you already WANT TO come?

- because that probably will be the best part of your week;

- because there will be a really warm, peacefull and wonderfull atmosphere;

- because you want to see a crib made by our interns;

- because you will be hungry this day at this time;

- because you feel that you have to give everybody a kiss;

- because you haven’t seen others aiesecers for a long time.

See you all tomorrow!

PS. Any problems? Call Dawid Bombera 666 369 534

Ania Rakoczy (Local Brand Team)

niedziela, 12 grudnia 2010

What is already done? International Recruitment Team.

International Recruitment Team's work is in progress. We are very close to match 1st forms. We are sending e-mails and offers and also we are still trying to encourage students from abroad to chose our beautiful Wroclaw as a place of their practice. Every day we are filling out a dozen forms, myaiesec.net is our “second home”. Our brave matching girls solved a strange problem with interns visas. It’s enough for the moment. We have hope that we’ll find students willing to practice in our local committee soon!

Julita Wacek (IRT) & Anna Rakoczy (LBT)

niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

What is already done? Catch International Adventure.

CIA team always wants to encourage students to take part in a program of exchange. We would like to share our new experiences with you. Not so long ago OGX team have chosen unusual place and unusual form of advertising. Firstly – place. We went to the cinema Multikino in Arkady centre. It was special night because we have taken part in Noc Reklamożerców ("advertisement eater" night). Way of promotion was also different than always. We were taking photos of people who wanted to go abroad and asked them about the country they really wanted to visit. Later, at home we were working on dream matching. Actually we’ve changed photos by adding a background with famous places from all over the world. We’ve sent emails to all these people with a photo presenting them in a place they really wanted to go. Now there is only one thing they can do to fulfill their dreams-apply for the AIESEC internship!
Most of the people wanted to go to China, Russia or South America.

In the middle of cold November, the elite CIA agents tried to reach new international adventure participants. For that reason they visited club Madness and strongly hot annual Spanish party of language club from Philological School of Higher Education. Event was specially connected with invitation for first year newbies filled with tons of offbeat challenges. The most astonishing part was definitely Tango show attracting all people inside the rocking club. AIESEC team had a huge ball enjoying party in iberoamerican rhythms with our lovely Juan supporting effective promotion. AIESEC exchange opportunity meets deep curiosity, especially because of travel directions like latin countries - unusual for other organizations. Party can be definitely regarded as a success thanks to Ola, our multilanguage mate from WSF and Juan. Philological School seems to be a promising source of high potential candidates for educational training, so CIA team should keep providing their actions especially this attractive way.

All days long we are taking part in events organized by students, for students. You can meet CIA Team on the parties or read something on Facebook and student’s magazines. Our goal now is to win first place in rank of exchange results in Poland. But there is a long way to go and because of that we need Your help. The best way of marketing is buzz marketing so go work :)

Help CIA team to fulfill the dreams!

Paulina Ozga, Marta Krajewska, Marcin Duchnowski (CIA)

piątek, 3 grudnia 2010


Are you interested what (the hell) happened at the FORCE conference? Few cards from Karolina Piotrowska’s Diary – below :)

Day 1 - Wednesday

After a 4-hours train trip we arrived to Piotrków Trybunalski, where OC’s bus was waiting for us. It took us to Sulejowo – place of conference. Michał Polankiewicz (Polanka) was the chair of our delegation and he took on his shoulders hard task – take care of over 20 very active people.
After check-in we had an opening plenary. Our second chair was Florent from China. He presented us his committee in China and welcomed us in a very warm way. After a moment every committee had to present yelp and “roll-call”*. We screamed “AIESEC WROCŁAW!” and chair responded us “SUPER!” :) An important part of conference was appearance of a mysterious person (he was similar to our Maciej Kowcun). After several integration games we started to work in “Home Groups” leaded by Faci. In every group, where were 7 aiesecers, we could get to know each other better. After dinner, there was My AIESEC Way and the closing plenary. From dusk till dawn we had great party straight from the Wild West!

Day 2 – Friday
At nine o’clock we started Education (by big “E”). Mars Company held a short presentation mainly about their internship program. After that we could sign up to 4 trainings provided by Mars, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Millenium Bank. Trainings was interesting and many of us enjoyed them. Then we had “connection time”, what was a little bit boring for us. In the evening, the entertainment team showed us photos from the last party and announced a “kissing competition”. This night we had Black District Party.

Day 3 – Saturday
We had started doing tasks which we received last day in Home Groups. We divided ourselves into groups: ICX, OGX and ER. Every group had other trainings associated with these subjects. In the meantime we ate. We tried working hard, because it was important to present our committee from the best side. The results were announced at official Awards Gala. LC Rękoraj won (I was a member of this one)!!!
Several other prizes were awarded (e.g. Cracov received one for the best-running committee in Poland). Then we had theme party - Global Village. We prepared “arbuzówka” specially for this occasion :)

Last Day – Sunday

Sum-up plenary, motivation presentation, summary of the kissing competition and at least – our roll-call! After that, there was some time for more awards (Lublin won a prize for the most active committee during Force Conference). Then we exchanged our sugars and had to go home. We were filled with an enormous energy intake and have inexhaustible enthusiasm!

Hope to return for the year!

* roll call is the calling of the names of people from a list (roll) to determine the presence or absence of the listed peopl

Want to see more photos? Jump on http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011, Wiktor Fiszera's Picasa or Asia Szot's facebook gallery.

Karolina Piotrowska (Career Days) & Anna Rakoczy (LBT) - translation