wtorek, 14 grudnia 2010

Christmas Evening!

I am pleased to invite you to an






16th December, 6 p.m.


Place: Hotel Europeum Conference Hall, ul Świętego Antoniego 2/4


What do you have to bring?

- If you are taking part in Olga’s gifts competition – don’t forget to take your present!

- If you can’t wait to try your new gingerbread recipe – don’t hesitate to bake and bring some!

- If you have some stupid gadgets like reindeer antlers or sth like that – don’t forget to wear them!

- If you have some good pre-christmas feelings in your heart – share your happiness with us!

Why do you already WANT TO come?

- because that probably will be the best part of your week;

- because there will be a really warm, peacefull and wonderfull atmosphere;

- because you want to see a crib made by our interns;

- because you will be hungry this day at this time;

- because you feel that you have to give everybody a kiss;

- because you haven’t seen others aiesecers for a long time.

See you all tomorrow!

PS. Any problems? Call Dawid Bombera 666 369 534

Ania Rakoczy (Local Brand Team)

2 komentarze:

Justyna Kurek pisze...

I can't wait for it ;)
P.S. lovely new face of blog, Ania U R awesome

Agata Kwasińska pisze...

how could you call my reindeer antlers stupid ; <