niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

What is already done? Catch International Adventure.

CIA team always wants to encourage students to take part in a program of exchange. We would like to share our new experiences with you. Not so long ago OGX team have chosen unusual place and unusual form of advertising. Firstly – place. We went to the cinema Multikino in Arkady centre. It was special night because we have taken part in Noc Reklamożerców ("advertisement eater" night). Way of promotion was also different than always. We were taking photos of people who wanted to go abroad and asked them about the country they really wanted to visit. Later, at home we were working on dream matching. Actually we’ve changed photos by adding a background with famous places from all over the world. We’ve sent emails to all these people with a photo presenting them in a place they really wanted to go. Now there is only one thing they can do to fulfill their dreams-apply for the AIESEC internship!
Most of the people wanted to go to China, Russia or South America.

In the middle of cold November, the elite CIA agents tried to reach new international adventure participants. For that reason they visited club Madness and strongly hot annual Spanish party of language club from Philological School of Higher Education. Event was specially connected with invitation for first year newbies filled with tons of offbeat challenges. The most astonishing part was definitely Tango show attracting all people inside the rocking club. AIESEC team had a huge ball enjoying party in iberoamerican rhythms with our lovely Juan supporting effective promotion. AIESEC exchange opportunity meets deep curiosity, especially because of travel directions like latin countries - unusual for other organizations. Party can be definitely regarded as a success thanks to Ola, our multilanguage mate from WSF and Juan. Philological School seems to be a promising source of high potential candidates for educational training, so CIA team should keep providing their actions especially this attractive way.

All days long we are taking part in events organized by students, for students. You can meet CIA Team on the parties or read something on Facebook and student’s magazines. Our goal now is to win first place in rank of exchange results in Poland. But there is a long way to go and because of that we need Your help. The best way of marketing is buzz marketing so go work :)

Help CIA team to fulfill the dreams!

Paulina Ozga, Marta Krajewska, Marcin Duchnowski (CIA)

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Damian Jaremicz pisze...

I love that team ! I'm sure that they'll help to go for internship to huge group of people :))

dorota pisze...

My wonderful Team!!! :)