piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Few words about things happened in December. Christmas and Global Village mostly.

"Can you hear the sound of Christmas song? Can you smell the Christmas tree? Can you see these presents?" - can you remember these words? Yes, this is the beginning of Julita's wishes you could hear on our Christmas Eve. As you remember, we had a delicious dinner with traditional dishes straight from the microwave. There were everything! Borsch with ravioli, croquettes with meat, dumplings and gingerbread cookies... We also watched a special wishes-movie and we got to know, that our EB's can dance in a really professional way and that Marcin Duchnowski has singing talent. Then there was a time for the almost-most-important thing that evening. Presents. We had our own Santa and we strongly believed that he was real (some say, that just before Santa coming to us, Michał aka Polanka disappeared, but - in my opinion - they are just libels). After a long time we at least could “breake the wafer” and gave our best wishes to people we know, like, love, work with, didn't know yet, just because of this special evening.

What happened next? Well... as we can read at parable about the birth of
Jesus: "Then Joseph said to Holy Mary and Three Kings: let's go to the Russian party, there's a place for us. We should proclaim the good news to our brothers and sisters. Let's celebrate this happy day in an absolutely irrational way!". So... You know the rest :)

December was a month of finishing a big AIESEC UNIVERSITY's project. 11th
December many of us stayed in Renoma, when the Global Village took place. If you didn't, you can read few words about what exactly happened there:

On 11th of December in Renoma there was Global Village, a big festival
where our interns had an opportunity to present their nationalities, traditions and Christmas customs. Preparation started very early, about 7 am, and we had to decorate the last floor of Renoma, put the stage together and organize everything. About 10 00 our presenter Marek started the show. There were dance shows and competitions during which customers could win mp3s, pendrives, dictionaries, cosmetics and more. About 5 pm our OCPs Asia and Ula gave certificates to all students who participated in AIESEC UNI and Academy of Perspectives.

During short breaks aiesecers could teach the customers how to dance AIESEC dances which was great fun. About 8 pm we started to clean everything up, tired but satisfied we went home to prepare ourselves for after party in PLAN B (unfortunately some of us, mainly boys had to stay in Renoma longer to help with moving the stage out of the building, thanks guys, we appreciate your devotion :)). During the party we had great fun, there was awesome music, nice people and fantastic atmosphere!
Małgosia Bułatewicz (PR AIESEC Uni)

Photos from GV you can wath here: http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011
and here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Village/133817453340738

It is truly an unforgettable feeling, when you can see great effects of your
hard work. I wish you as wonderful effects as it can be and as amazing feelings as you can imagine. But also: take a long breath this week and forget about all work which is not making scrumptious bakes and throwing snowballs. Do your best.

Before you close this page: you HAVE TO wath this:


Anna Rakoczy (Local Brand Team) & Małgosia B
ułatewicz (AIESEC Uni) - a note from GV

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