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Are you interested what (the hell) happened at the FORCE conference? Few cards from Karolina Piotrowska’s Diary – below :)

Day 1 - Wednesday

After a 4-hours train trip we arrived to Piotrków Trybunalski, where OC’s bus was waiting for us. It took us to Sulejowo – place of conference. Michał Polankiewicz (Polanka) was the chair of our delegation and he took on his shoulders hard task – take care of over 20 very active people.
After check-in we had an opening plenary. Our second chair was Florent from China. He presented us his committee in China and welcomed us in a very warm way. After a moment every committee had to present yelp and “roll-call”*. We screamed “AIESEC WROCŁAW!” and chair responded us “SUPER!” :) An important part of conference was appearance of a mysterious person (he was similar to our Maciej Kowcun). After several integration games we started to work in “Home Groups” leaded by Faci. In every group, where were 7 aiesecers, we could get to know each other better. After dinner, there was My AIESEC Way and the closing plenary. From dusk till dawn we had great party straight from the Wild West!

Day 2 – Friday
At nine o’clock we started Education (by big “E”). Mars Company held a short presentation mainly about their internship program. After that we could sign up to 4 trainings provided by Mars, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Millenium Bank. Trainings was interesting and many of us enjoyed them. Then we had “connection time”, what was a little bit boring for us. In the evening, the entertainment team showed us photos from the last party and announced a “kissing competition”. This night we had Black District Party.

Day 3 – Saturday
We had started doing tasks which we received last day in Home Groups. We divided ourselves into groups: ICX, OGX and ER. Every group had other trainings associated with these subjects. In the meantime we ate. We tried working hard, because it was important to present our committee from the best side. The results were announced at official Awards Gala. LC Rękoraj won (I was a member of this one)!!!
Several other prizes were awarded (e.g. Cracov received one for the best-running committee in Poland). Then we had theme party - Global Village. We prepared “arbuzówka” specially for this occasion :)

Last Day – Sunday

Sum-up plenary, motivation presentation, summary of the kissing competition and at least – our roll-call! After that, there was some time for more awards (Lublin won a prize for the most active committee during Force Conference). Then we exchanged our sugars and had to go home. We were filled with an enormous energy intake and have inexhaustible enthusiasm!

Hope to return for the year!

* roll call is the calling of the names of people from a list (roll) to determine the presence or absence of the listed peopl

Want to see more photos? Jump on http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011, Wiktor Fiszera's Picasa or Asia Szot's facebook gallery.

Karolina Piotrowska (Career Days) & Anna Rakoczy (LBT) - translation

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Jakub pisze...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to remeber as much as u do Karolina! ;)

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I have only one comment: literka p...


Karolina pisze...

...literka w.....

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sounds interesting but it looks better in pictures

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it had to be great just in Sulejów :)

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I wish I could be there :(

I hope that KK will be as good as Force was.