poniedziałek, 20 grudnia 2010

What is already done? AIESEC University.

As AIESEC Uni team we are very pleased and satisfied with Global Village*. Since that event we still have many things to organise because from 13-17 December was the last week of our AIESEC University course. We bade farewell to almost all of our interns apart from Manish who probably is going to stay with us longer. We hope he liked us and Poland so much that he decided not to leave us :) On Monday we will clean the office and after that it is going to be our last team meeting before Christmas so hopefully we will do it as fast as possible and we will be able to leave Wroclaw and visit our families. Soon we are going to know who will be our new OCP so we'll also have to say 'good bye' to Asia**. After Christmas break, full of energy we'll go back to work.

*Post about GV (and also about our christmas eve) should appear this week, be patient!
**Update: New OCP of AIESEC Uni is Paulina Kuśnierz. Congratulations!

Małgorzata Bułatewicz (AIESEC University) & Anna Rakoczy (LBT; just footnotes)

3 komentarze:

manish pisze...

yeah i like this project a lot and working with amazing people always makes you want more :)
PS: Congrats to the new OCP :)

Paweł Stępień pisze...

Is good to be is good to be an OCP!

Piotr Kuciapski pisze...

next round in March!!! :)
can't waint ;)