wtorek, 28 grudnia 2010

What is already done? Local Brand Team.

LBT in complete

Local Brand Team is a specific project. We don’t aim at any culmination point like Career Days or Academy of Perspectives do. I like to think that our mission is giving help and creating opportunities to other teams. But let's get down to the nitty-gritty: what we actually do?

If needed, we create logotypes, posters, slogans, webpages (cooperate with IBC, Global Village, Career Days);

We take care about social media: blog (if you still don’t know the address: http://wroclawue.blogspot.com/), facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=86263227263), youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/wroclawue),

We're running our committee’s photo album – Picasa (http://picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011);

We prepare trainings on computer graphics, writing press releases, organizing press conferences etc. More details: soon!

But what is in the spotlight right now?

Reserve a little time in two weeks, because a great party will be started! We found that it’s great way to integrate with other student’s organizations and build valuable network. We decided to pitch in with Kampus TV, because we have the same goals and priorities.

Who will be there?

Students from over twenty organizations, in total: about 650 people.

What will be happen?

- a lot of fun, great music and good drinks

- self-promoting

- competitions with prizes

- a photo session

- a lottery

- suprises

LBT girls self-promoting

What you have to do?

Everybody who wants to take part in HOLLYWOOD PARTY is asked to send a confirmation e-mail to Justyna Kurek (justyna.anita.kurek@gmail.com), because it is a closed event and Justyna has to put your name on the guests list!

Don’t forget to dress up in a Hollywood style!

Join to this event on Facebook:


Anna Rakoczy (Local Brand Team :)

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Justyna Kurek pisze...

I <3 this photo ;D

Anna Rakoczy pisze...

I <3 Paint Shop :)