środa, 5 stycznia 2011

Note from our CEEDer, Emily from new Zealand

The one thing I can say for certain is that no matter where you go, how lost you get, how foreign the country is to you, how late you may be the people at AIESEC Wroclaw UE make it feel like you’ve found your way to a safe house. It’s the people who can help make your experience perfect or a complete flop.
So first impressions of Wroclaw… well it was dark and I had just spent 8 hours on a train from Poznan, doing a detour to Inowroclaw along the way. Definitely an experience to be had as it’s a great way to see the different sceneries of Poland, but not advised if you’re not looking to waste time.
I had a weekend to relax, or rather get involved in AIESEC activities, party and do a brief tour of the town centre – a must see at Christmas time. And then a sleep in and the start to a week of pulling what knowledge I have of OGX out of my head, and at the same time a week of sharing.
In my spare time the experience I have had of Wroclaw has been mostly to do with its transport and shopping. Both very interesting when you come from such a small place as Dunedin in New Zealand where public transport is almost non-existent and shops are also limited.
All in all, I think that although I have only been in Wroclaw for a week so far, I have experienced what I can only call an AIESEC experience. I have had to immerse myself in a new culture, and a new language, I have been exposed to a different perspective and I have learnt a lot more not only about AIESEC but also myself and how I deal with certain situations. And true to the AIESEC way this was all facilitated by some amazing people.

(date of note: 20.12.10)

Thank you for your presence at the Christmas Eve and for the nice words, Emily!

Anna Rakoczy (Local Brand Team)

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