piątek, 14 stycznia 2011

This is how, this is how – organizations have fun!

I don’t really know what I should write about the Hollywood Party. Results exceeded our expectations and this party opened our eyes for one important fact: there is demand to integrate young people, who's enthusiasm, beliefes and actions are similar. Looking at such a large group of people who can enjoy over eight hours of common amusement was really motivating and filled me (and others) with joy.

What is the reason? Is it associated with free beer? Or with great music? Not only – the best side of events like this are always people. So thank you, guys. We know it already: integration party will be a regullar event in our callendar, so reserve some time next year in January :)

Special thanks to Joanna Lewandowska, Marek Kotiuszko (our announcers) and Konrad Leszczyński vel Dynamid Disco (DJ)
for their work.

Some pictures from the Hollywood Party you can watch in our Picasa photo album:
picasaweb.google.com/wroclawue1011 (number of pictures will increase over time, If you took photos – you can add them on this site by yourself or just contact me).

We get photos from the "photo room" soon. I will let you also know about Kampus TV and
Styk TV spots.

Anna Rakoczy (LBT)

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Justyna Kurek pisze...

as you wrote IT WAS AWESOME. I'm glad that so many people decided to come and I want to join in thanking ;*