piątek, 4 lutego 2011

What's already done? Career Days.

We might fight with the examination period, flu period, MC-feedback period and all periods possible, but the truth is we are moving forward.
It has been a busy time as „the big day” is closer and closer and four of our team mates are between DK’s duties and application writing/movie making/speach preparing. Are you quessing what am I talking about? But it’s all secret...
Anyway getting back to the Career Days: have you ever had this feeling that you are in the middle of a giant storm? That’s our everyday state. ER is running from one meeting to another, just changing the name of the company, in the Ice-breaking speech. If you ever see some crazy suited-up guy/girl running like wind it’s a sign that PR asked ER for some inkinds.
But let’s move to the dark side for a minute, how’s life on PeWrO (UT)? Well, guys from AU (Akademia Umiejętności/Academy of skills) are fighting with the exams, what is not so easy at UT by the way, at the same time they are trying to find the best companies with the most interesting trainings.
The stars from PR are getting more and more friends on facebook, trying to promote themselves in media, want to get as many new DK’s gadgets for their comittee as possible.

They have been on the meeting with the MPK representatives but even though they’ve tried so much they didn’t get any free tickets.
The one-person logistic section is pulling her hair out to make the DK event works.
And the last but not the least is our leader. And i have nothing to add about this...we love you Kuba we really dooo.
Oh and just so you know that’s us:

Hania Mytych (Career Days)

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