poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

Being an ambassador of MARS Poland

In the very beginning of my work in AIESEC, Mars company has draw my attention. Many times I've met it while working in the committee or at conferences. Mars Poland has always reminded me a professional, nice atmosphere and, of course, the delicious snacks, which it produces.
After nearly two years of my participation in AIESEC I decided to apply for the ambassador position of Mars company in our committee. 
I'm studying management and engineering of food production and additionaly,I was involved in the marketing and promotion activities many times. The company which is at the forefront of the FMCG industry was for me the ideal place to find myself. I've written my application and went to Warsaw for an interview. Finally I've got it!:)
I started work from the September meeting of all ambassadors in Sochaczew, where the office and factory complex of Mars Poland is. With all the ambassadors we went through the introduction trainings prepared, we were provided with the necessary information so that we can effectively build a positive image of Mars at our Universities. We've planned the first semester of our work and returned to our cities loaded with positive energy and a willingness to work.
The first big challenge for me was the organization of the Academy of Practical Knowledge - the day on which the employees of Mars were about to arrive at my university and conduct trainings for students. Undoubtedly it was a good lesson for me how to manage an organization of the event. Everything went smoothly though not without a little complication - who was at the training of category management, knows what I mean;)
In February there was a summary of the first work period,where all the ambassadors gathered in the Warsaw office of Mars. The best ambassadors were given awards and we discussed the next big task - the promotion of the Summer Internship Program. There was also the time to integrate during a bowling competition and afterward party. We stayed at the hotel Marriot so as you can imagine...  we felt truly regal:)
At the time I’m writing this note, my work is almost done, I've realized the promotion scheme of Summer Internship Programs, represented the company during the Career Days, have done everything that was my responsibility. So what can I write when this experience almost came to an end?
First of all, I'm very impressed with the company and the people who work in it. Mars is an organization that truly stands for the values that it has set itself, I mean here: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. Its employees are people with great knowledge, characterized by reliability, intelligence and enthusiasm. They are full of energy and passion. At work they are professionals, who implement a very ambitious tasks every day. Privately, they are bright, relaxed and very open. I think this is due to Mars cultural environment in which they work. In the company with equal rules for everyone in which you can see that comfort of the work is a priority. Knowledge of Mars gained from being an ambassador made me submit for the Summer Internship Program, I really hope to become a part of this company as an employee. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Soon the recruitment for the next ambassador will be announced - I urge you to apply – it's really worth it!

If you want to learn more about the daily work of Mars and get to know better the company's just „Like it” at the profile: www.facebook.com /LudziezMarsa!

Agata Cieślak